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We built our sneakers around the idea that a timeless classic can look classic, without FEELING classic. There’s no longer a need to compromise.


We aim to reinvent the classic street sneaker. We've combined everything you love about your old pair, with the awesome sports tech that you’ve come to expect from a modern pair of shoes.


Free Flow Water Tech

You ever get caught in the rain in “waterproof” shoes? Yeahhhh...they usually turn out not to be very waterproof. Once the water is in, its there to STAY.

ATS gets it right by making their sneakers with what they call “Free Flow Technology”. This means water flows right through those bad boys. The bonus is, they dry in a fraction of the time of other kicks.

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Foldable Heel

When I’m putting the trash out or heading to the store, I usually slip my shoes on and crush the heel to save time.

ATS figured out that if you make a foldable heel a FEATURE of your shoe, they’ll maintain their shape while staying super quick to slip on.

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Thermal Regulating

Extremely breathable with unique 3D mesh allowing cool air in and warm moisture out. ATS are the first footwear brand to use rEVAlution - a recycled EVA material layer inside the sports mesh upper.

Extreme Lightweight

A typical pair of sneakers weighs in at a scale-tipping 1KG. That’s honestly pretty darn heavy when you think about it. ATS street sneakers weigh in at LESS THAN HALF that — between 350g and 450g, depending on size.

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ATS Urban Essentials

FlexKnit material with a bio-based filter combines coffee and SilverNano using recycled coffee yarn. A unique face mask, both antibacterial and with a natural coffee aroma.  


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To get a classic sneaker, you don’t have to compromise on quality or wear-ability. ATS is changing the game.

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