We are a team of experienced shoe crafters and designers from the UK, France and Vietnam with a passion for sneakers. Drawing upon classic styling and using the best of modern technology, we aim to produce a sneaker that not only looks smart for the workplace and casual for the club, but has the functionality to be taken outdoors, on holiday to the beach, in the sea, and take on any place you need it to go.

Where Creative Innovation meets Innovative Creativity

The concept of an all time sneaker was born during our travels when we realized that the average traveler typically packed 2-3 pairs of shoes and slippers for their holidays. There was therefore a need for a single pair of shoes which could fulfill the role of various shoes, and even transform into slippers where necessary.

Committed to Quality & Functionality

Our experience in the shoe industry has allowed us to partner with the best factories and material suppliers and designers to create high quality shoes which are fit for all purposes.


We are committed to creating a unique pair of shoes that we can be proud of and will provide our customers with great satisfaction and value.


Keith Bolliger


Took a prototype shoe to his mate Gary to check out...


Gary Heah


Looked at the shoe Keith showed him and said yeah i reckon that sell...

Denis Pham

a mate of theirs

likes shoes... has feet, knows people who know people..


Trang Le

Communications & Organisation

Garys wife...


Iris Chou


Lovely lady at the factory who agreed to make their shoes....bet she regrets it now...

WeChat Image_20210426100330.jpg

Marya Liu


Genuinely really good at making shoes... also cant say no when Keith asks for stuff..

ATS Development


After 2 years of development we are proud to present the All Time Sneaker, the world's most versatile classic sneakers.

We're confident that our tech driven approach which has allowed us to include the latest developments in shoe making, has created a truly unique shoe that is good for all times.

We have chosen to use crowdfunding to raise the funds we need for this project. As independent shoe makers, crowdfunding allows us to maintain control over the quality and direction of the project while providing excellent value to our backers.

Our goal is to get you, the Backer, involved in our journey.