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Without ever compromising style.

ATS was founded by a multinational team of entrepreneurs and shoe-makers from Europe and Asia. Sharing an interest in technology, fashion and travel, their intention was to create a sneaker for the modern globe-trotter.

 With a focus on adding functionality to footwear and accessories, we use the latest in modern technology and materials to create a truly versatile sneaker that is good for all occasions and all destinations; an All Time Sneaker.

The concept started in London, originally planned as a travel shoe, ideally suitable for tropical and beach destinations. Features were added based on the functionality of diving/aqua shoes. Technical and design support was kindly offered from various colleagues and friends in the footwear industry based in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Taiwan.

As the project evolved, so too did the concept. Improved manufacturing techniques and sourcing better quality and grade materials allowed us to produce a very high quality shoe that has become so much more than a simple beach sandal.

We would like to thank all those who took part in this project, without whom, nothing would've been possible.

Currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, ATS has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work some of the best suppliers and manufacturers in Vietnam and South East Asia.

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