More than just a sneaker.


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Footwear that does it all.

ATS take the best bits from different shoes and make them work together.
The ultimate travel shoe - the only pair you need.

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Fashion Sneakers

At the core of ATS was always the importance of making a shoe that is packed with features and perfersm the functions of other specific footwear, but keeping a street fashion style. The kind of sneaker you can wear with shorts in the daytime and pans to a nice restaurant at night. We settled upon a slightly retro style style that echoed the sneakers we grew up wearing. Some of the design elements are dependant on allowing the many features to function correctly.  

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We all have that pair that just gets slipped on when we're feeling lazy. Often they aren't our most presentable footwear. Or we might even do that unforgivable crime of  just standing on the heel for convenience sake. Damaging the shoes and making walking mighty uncomfortable.

ATS rights this wrong!

We call it TuckIn Tech. a Stretchy yet supportive heel pulls up as a regular shoe and tucks in underneath the foot to create a closed tow sandal.

This peice is free of any patchments or stitching, so you won't feel anything under your soles.  

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Aqua Shoes

If we condsider that "waterproof" shoes are merely splash-proof, and submerging your whole foot into the water renders it a useless feature, then the consequences of a soaked through shoe is the focus. Regular sneakers deal very badly with lots of water, apart from the upper material not being suitable, there is an abundance of components within a shoe that will soak up water and be very difficult to dry. So we removed it all, no backers, stiffners, foams, insole boards. Anything that would soak water was removed or replaced and materials suitable for this  role used, such as lycras, and neoprene. Mesh is already a moisture wicking material, so extremely suitable for this role. What resulted is a system where water freely flows through the shoe, and doesn't retain the water. So it dries out fast and won't have mold and mildew like regular shoes would after a good soaking.

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Walking Shoes

An incredibly light sole made entirely of EVA, the primary material used in sports shoes, we add some internal height to the heel area, subtling raising your position. Working together with a shaped EVA footbed and an upper of breatahble sports mesh, ATS results in a pair of shoes perfect for walking long distances, or standing for long periods. The extra cushioning is soft and supportive for your legs and back. 

running trainers


Everyone loves the trainer for its comfort, lightweight, and ability to tackle any sports. We love these qualities too, thats why we put them all into our shoes. But without the sporty style. 

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Water, sand, mud, dirt. all things we want to keep away from our fashions every-days. But we need shoes to tackle our adventures off the beaten track.

Unfortunatly these are the worst shoes to pack in our luggae. Bulky, heavy, and oddly shaped, they dont fit, or fold in suitacses.

  We use material technology to allow our shoes to tackle some of these environments. But of course in keeping with our style ethos.

Outdoor shoes

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A good travel shoe should be with you from beginning to end. Capable enough for daytime activities, and looking good for the night time too!