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The world's most versatile sneakers for any occasion

Reinventing the street sneaker by
mixing the classic style we love with the technology of modern sports shoes.

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ATS Essentials

Items you shouldn't leave home without...

Our first Essential is a unique face mask made from real coffee yarn.  

Combining coffee and SilverNano, its antibacterial and provides a natural coffee aroma.

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Free Flow Water Tech

 Materials such as Lycra, neoprene, rubberized synthetic PU and 3D mesh, allow water and air to easily pass through the shoe or bead across the surface; like water shoes or diving boots.

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Foldable Heel

Quick wear system / Lazy shoe design - Back part of shoe is made from stretchy neoprene to easily fold down & pull up over the heel when putting your feet in.

Thermal Regulating

The recycled EVA layer within  the 3D mesh can help to regulate the temperature inside the shoe. Its adds this feature to normal mesh, which would otherwise always allow heet to escape in any conditions.

Lightweight & Flexible

All upper materials and outsole are using soft light and breathable materials. Outsole is entirely made of EVA which is a foam/rubber type material with lots of air pockets.

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