Modern Tech

Classic Style

Technology and materials come together with thoughtful design and superior manufacturing techniques.  

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Lightweight & Packable

A great travel has to be super comfortable and ultra light. A very specific combination of materials make up our sole, insole and upper section, we use only EVA, 3D mesh. lycra and neoprene. And that's it! None of the regular backings, linings, stiffners, and other stuff that goes in the places you dont see like regular shoes. We reviewed and tailored the entire shoemaking process from the start, only including what we needand adapting what we had to use. The result is a shoe that only weighs about 350g, and can compress down to 

Swim Ready & Quick Drying

We don't believe that "waterproof" is really waterproof, we prefer to call it splashproof. Thats when water hits  the upper section marterials and it beads off the top section. But try submerging your feet in water to your calfs; those waterproof shoes have now become footbaths! ATS are born from the beach and we like to take a more tropical approach, so get them wet, go swimming in them, or throw them into the wash. We have reworked the regular shoe construction and removed all the internal stuff that soaks up water and becomes moldy. With clever drainage holes and non-absorbant meshes, ATS are super fast drying.  


Adaptive Fitting & No Skin Rub


Our materials all provide form-fitting qualities, much like memory foam, they will adapt and take the shape of your feet. Providing a soft yet supportive and ultimatly comfortable wearing experience. Our highly experienced technicians also redesigned and redeveloped the entire inside of the shoe. Removing any areas that overlapped or created bumps and hard areas, and ensured our silky soft lining is the only thing touching your feet. This means you wont get blisters from our shoes, wet or dry, sock or barefeet.  

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Combining classic looks with modern comfort.

We only use the latest technology and materials to make a great travel shoe that's truly versatile without compromising style.

Breathable & Thermo-Regulation

We are proud to be the first footwear brand to be using rEVAlution, a unique membrane layer in the 3D mesh that covers most of the upper section of ATS. REVAlution is made from re-using waste EVA materials and features millions of tiny holes that let moisture and heet out, whilst the non-perforated rEVAtion areas display insulating qualities. Meaning they keep you cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold weather. And at the same time, we're doing our bit for the environment by re-using as much as we can. 


All Day Walking & Comfort

ATS features a small but significant raised heel built into the EVA sole, this works with the footbed which also is thicker at the heel section. Together they raise your standing position, making at easier to walk long distances and stand for longer without pain or discomfort. Normal fashion sneakers mostly use rubber for the outsole, this is stiff and heavy, and all that is in there to cushion your feet is a thin and flat foam insole. ATS ergonomic shaped footbed and soft EVA sole make up 3 1/2 cms of pure cushion between the road on your feet.  More cushioning is always a good thing!  

Foldable Slip-On Convenience

We wanted to make a shoe that has looks and comfort, functional and formal; and of course can just be used to slip on and pop out the front door. We love the advantages that flip flops and sandals provide. We shifted the major structure points forward around the instep and using a strong but stretchy combination of neoprene and lycra, developed a heel that can fold down. Wearable up as a regular shoe, and down as a sandal/slip-on. And becasue its neoprene you wont feel it under your feet.

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Unisex Fit & Shape

ATS last shapes are developed to fit men and women, with a slightly wider than average forepart and roomy toebox. Providing more comfort with alittle extra room for your feet. Cupsole design allows the feet to sink into the soft EVA, instead of sitting totally above it. Extra volume throughout the undersole provide enhanbced comfort with the noticable extra cushioning. Combined with a foot shaped removable insole provides both support and a natural foot hugging feel.

Available in full sizes from 35-45.

Shoes don't need to be so single purpose.
We take the best bits from different shoes, and make them work together.